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Forklift maintenance and why it’s essential July 10, 2017
Throughout 50 years of business, we frequently get asked by our customers whether their forklift actually needs a maintenance check. Anyone who owns a mechanical vehicle can attest to querying this qu.... [Read more]
Antifreeze | blog November 9, 2016
In this blog post we discuss the impact of winter on forklift maintenance. It is important to be prepared to maintain operational efficiency during what can be an important trading.... [Read more]
Articulate your workload August 8, 2016
In this blog post we discuss the benefits of articulated fork lift trucks. These particular trucks can pivot their forks allowing for enhanced movement in smaller spaces. The first fact.... [Read more]
Electric forklifts, are they right for your needs? June 27, 2016
If you have been following our blog series on forklift power types then you will have come across electric, diesel and LPG variations. How do you decide which one is best for .... [Read more]
Is Diesel right for you? | Blog January 8, 2016
Diesel forklifts – why go diesel? Diesel powered machines are best suited for outdoor applications; to enable the exhaust fumes and diesel particulates to disperse into the .... [Read more]
Gas Forklifts | Blog September 7, 2015
Forklift trucks are designed to move loads from A to B. In moving a load from A to B it is important to consider whether one or both points are inside or outside. Diesel and electric trucks offer good.... [Read more]
Weight off your mind! | Blog May 12, 2015
Weight off your mind! Forklift trucks are designed to lift specific weights to a specific height. With a large variety of different weighted items, varied heights and varied environments, it is no won.... [Read more]
Tread Carefully! | Blog March 2, 2015
Tread carefully! – Forklift Tyre Types Many people believe tyres are only on a forklift to hold the four corners of the forklift off the ground. This, although correct is not their only job. On .... [Read more]
Legislation Surrounding Forks | Blog January 16, 2015
Legislation surrounding forks – January 2015 Forks are the part of a forklift that carries out most of the work. It is the part that gives the machine its name. They can be called forks, tines, .... [Read more]
Forklift truck legislation | Blog October 20, 2014
Legislation surrounding forklift trucks – October 2014 There is often confusion over whether a forklift truck requires registration with the DVLA. It is not true that if you are just going to cross .... [Read more]
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