Ride High Exhibition

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Our Group MD Emma Ayres recently visited the Ride High children’s charity exhibition in MK Gallery, to view members artwork inspired by English painter George Stubbs most iconic work ‘Whistlejacket’ seen below:

The Bennie Group has been involved with Ride High for many years. Emma was appointed a Chair of the Trustees for the charity between 2012 and 2013 and continues to work closely with the organisation.

Emma comments, ‘It was inspiring to see the talented work of the charity’s members. I’m humbled by the continued growth and interest in the Ride High cause, and am thrilled for the children whose work is now on exhibition for the world to see in October.’


About George Stubbs

George Stubbs, born in 1724, is best remembered for his paintings of horses, widely agreed to be amongst the most accurate ever painted due to his study and love of the anatomy. Stubbs also released a major publication ‘The Anatomy of the Horse’ throughout his career as a creative.

Ride High uses horses to increase the confidence and self-esteem of disadvantaged children. When given the educational and creative project to study Stubb’s work, the project captured the imaginations of members. The children have created their own work inspired by Stubbs, a combination of photography, collage, printing, drawing and painting.

Ride High members’ artwork is now on exhibition alongside that of the English painter George Stubbs at the MK Gallery during October.

Be sure to pay the gallery a visit before the exhibition ends on Wednesday 30th October.



About Ride High

The charity helps disadvantaged children and those having difficulties in their daily lives, by giving them the opportunity to learn to ride and look after horses and ponies. There is evidence that for children who are angry, hurt, upset, lonely or underprivileged, contact with horses can have highly beneficial effects.

Ride High is a registered charity (no. 1138260).