Recruitment for a better future

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BENNIE are thrilled to have worked with TPN Sustainable Recruitment Solutions on filling a recent Management Accountant role, resulting in 350 trees being planted across Europe.

TPN not only provide excellent recruitment services, by partnering with One Tree Planted, they also donate 10% of their fees towards global restoration projects in their clients name.

BENNIE is committed to sustainability and minimising our environmental impact, and as a company, we recognise the crucial role that reforestation plays in combating climate change, restoring ecosystems, and creating a more environmentally-sound future. By collaborating with TPN, we were able to extend our own positive environmental influence beyond our operations and across the European continent.

Bennie is proud to partner with like-minded, environmentally-conscious businesses that share our mission, including other sustainability leaders like CAT, Bobcat and Terberg. Through these strategic collaborations, Bennie is able to make a meaningful difference in promoting an eco-friendlier future, one tree at a time.