Mental Health at Bennie

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The mental health of our workforce is incredibly important to us at Bennie. We have a number of dedicated and available Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) across our varied businesses to provide our employees with work and personal life support. ​Meet Stacey and Sophie, two of our MHFAs at Bennie.

They took on the role to support their colleagues, normalise talking about mental health, and help understand their own personal struggles.​ Sophie said that she wanted to “give people a first point of contact without having to contact a help service, as sometimes the hardest part is admitting you need help and going to look for it”.​

Both of our Mental Health First Aiders believe that the role has made a difference at Bennie and is helping to spread awareness around mental health. They believe that their role is very important for businesses to have and is especially true when combatting social stigma that still exists around mental health in the construction industry.

Our MHFAs believe that having even one person that someone feels able to confide in and receive support from will allow them to see benefit from the service and find routes to improve their mental health.

Mental Health First Aiders promote and communicate wellbeing as a key driver for productivity and maximising performance, as well as develop and promote clear referral or assistance pathways so managers can take appropriate action to support employees.

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