Bennie at Northampton Pride

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Bennie is marching in force at Northampton Pride this Sunday 26th July (11am-4:30pm) to showcase our solidarity in creating a truly inclusive world, where people can be celebrated for who they are.  

Northampton Pride in its third instalment starts at the Market Square and parades around town, before returning to the square. There will be a host of performances, walkabout entertainers and a wide range of local stallholders open to all.  

At Bennie we have a passion and vision for creating an environment that is truly welcoming, inclusive and supportive for LGBTQ+ professionals across our diverse businesses. We strongly believe everyone has the right to come to work and be celebrated for who they are. 

We predominately operate within the construction & manufacturing sectors, traditional industries that continue to struggle with inclusivity & equality in the workplace. From wrapping a dozer in PRIDE signage in 2020, to joining Building Equality in 2021, Bennie is continuing to help shape the future on inclusivity in the UK workplace.  

Join us and many other people and businesses on Sunday to show your support: