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October 2, 2018
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Working with specialist start-up engineering company Stratian, Peter Bennie are testing new drone technology to survey and measure stock piles at their production sites. Stratian use a state of the art GPS guided UAV to capture thousands of photographs which are then collated and processed to create an accurate 3D elevation model of the site to provide volumetric measurements.

Stratian is an engineering company specialising in drone surveying and inspection. Data collected by UAV’s is used to create outputs such as 3D models and thermal maps, providing critical insights for clients in the construction, mining, earthworks and solar energy sectors. Stratian was founded by Alex Hoppenbrouwers. Previously, he was part of the investment team at Mercia Tech, a Venture Capital fund investing in high-growth tech businesses. Whilst at Mercia Alex was given an insight into the impact of drone technology on sectors such as construction. It’s this impact that drives the companies mission – to help UK businesses increase productivity through drone technology. Initially Stratian is providing aerial site surveys, though they are also working on a software product for the drone sector. More information can be found here: www.stratian.co.uk

Peter Bennie aim to continue to work with Stratain to develop the accuracy of the models to enable future rapid and accurate monitoring of stock levels and site development. This technology exploration coupled with the recent investment in a new crusher continues to demonstrate the business’s drive towards investing in equipment, people and services to stay at the forefront

Take a look at the drone in action here:

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