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Optimal performance January 30, 2015
This year Midland Fork Lifts have committed to undertake Manufacturing Excellence training in efforts to improve on their existing high levels of customer service. The training programme will boost cr.... [Read more]
Heli Forklift Demo January 23, 2015
Following a successful meeting with Heli, one of the industry’s growing market share forklift manufacturers, Midland Fork Lifts have agreed to demo Heli forklifts with the potential to become a regi.... [Read more]
Boughton help develop local brickyard garden January 22, 2015
Boughton have donated topsoil to help a start-up community project in Geddington to develop and transform a derelict site at the end of Wood Street, into a community run garden. The garden is an oppor.... [Read more]
Legislation Surrounding Forks | Blog January 16, 2015
Legislation surrounding forks – January 2015 Forks are the part of a forklift that carries out most of the work. It is the part that gives the machine its name. They can be called forks, tines, .... [Read more]
Increased Efficiency January 5, 2015
Continuing their drive towards improving production methods, Ken Hall have recently installed a new EUROMOD MP65 insole milling machine, which will combine with their existing CAD-CAM set-up and provi.... [Read more]
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