New Blade for Barton

June 20, 2012

Won't ever be this clean again!

The new Bovis housing development at Hemel Hempstead is where this new D6 Bulldozer is heading. Fitted with a laser guidance kit and GPS positioning the operating standards are very high.

The engine on this new D6 is Euro Cat 6 which means it is very clean and achieves this level of cleanliness by gas recirculation. The first job though is to get into the workshop where they apply the livery and fit it out with our own standard of safety equipment such as reversing cameras, sensors and beacons.

In addition to this we make certain modifications to ensure it works better for our requirements. Experience has shown us that sometimes you have to apply your own knowhow in addition to that of the manufacturer – no disrespect!

The comment was made that since the engine is Euro Cat 6 does that mean it would be London Low Emission Zone compliant? Yes it would but it would raise a few problems on the congestion side of the argument with a top speed of 10mph flat out. Mind you in some parts of London that would quite good!


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