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Excellent Service at Midland Fork Lifts – Apparently June 22, 2012
It’s not the fittest that survive, to paraphrase Charles Darwin, but those that can adapt. One of the UK’s Leading racking and shelving producers, Apex Linvar, know this well, being prime specimen.... [Read more]
New Blade for Barton June 20, 2012
Won't ever be this clean again! The new Bovis housing development at Hemel Hempstead is where this new D6 Bulldozer is heading. Fitted with a laser guidance kit and GPS positioning the operating .... [Read more]
Waste to Energy at Midland Fork Lifts June 11, 2012
Apart from being some of the cleanest workshops in the county Midland Fork Lifts also seem to have the warmest. How do they keep the place so comfortable even in the winter, surely it’s expensive? .... [Read more]
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