Olympic Games lead to a New Product

July 8, 2011

Equi-Track, a new product especially for equestrian areas, has been launched by Peter Bennie. For many years ironstone limestone has been used for ménages and bridleways in and around Oxfordshire. The idea for the new product came from the recent order from the 2012 Olympic equestrian cross country course being built at Greenwich Park in London. A range of materials were researched and trialled by the specifiers and they opted for ironstone from Wroxton near Banbury.

The material then popped up on the radar of Provian Construction Ltd, who are a Brett Group company, when they commenced work on an equestrian holding area near to Heathrow. After seeing the test data it was decided to use this product.

The quarried material from Wroxton Quarry has been popular with local horse owners and equestrian societies. Generally though, the material is used extensively in forming road bases and sub-bases for highways work because it either compacts well or because it provides the required drainage. It meets a number of Specifications for Highways Works (SHW). Its orange brown blue colour also lends itself for use as a decorative aggregate for gardens and driveways. Being an indigenous material it obviously matches the local stone buildings in the North Oxfordshire and surrounding areas but also provides an interesting contrast elsewhere.

“The ironstone, despite the suggestion in the name, is not as strong as say a granite or basalt and maybe that’s why it works for equestrian purposes” points out Robert Jackson, Production Manager at Peter Bennie Ltd “until now we have never offered it as an equestrian product but there is clearly a demand for it. The grading of the material is 0 to 31.5mm but has a reduced fines content which means it drains a little better but still gives a compacted surface for the traffic, in this case horses”.

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