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Another Crusher Arrives at Peter Bennie Another Crusher Arrives at Peter Bennie April 29, 2011
Crushers, Excavators, Loading Shovels – having good reliable assets are the key to the successful operations. The last two or three years has been challenging and therefore more than ever th.... [Read more]
They’re Back They’re Back April 23, 2011
Sand Martins returned to Harlestone Quarry from their winter “holiday” in Africa onThursday 31st March. They are a protected species and so for a quarry operator working in a sandstone .... [Read more]
Time Team Time Team April 15, 2011
Exciting historical finds at Harlestone Quarry are emerging now we are into a new phase. As we remove the topsoil and preserve it for future use we expose areas of land not seen for thousands of yea.... [Read more]
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